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  •   UltraPlay children’s playground units offer a safe and lasting solution for outdoor fun. They incorporate wood elegance with resistance to tough exigencies of use and natural elements erosion.
  •   They last long and keep the same aspect with no need for special treatments. ULTRAPLAY plastic woods do not dry up nor weaken, they do not splinter, nor generate fungus, and therefor they are very safe for children to use.



icono Environmental friendly. It is a greed decision that does not compromise beauty, functionality and safety. It does not have any environmental harming components. Over more, we lead an environment responsible management, for we recycle water, reduce electricity and raw material use. Our products are 100% recyclable.


Longer lasting and more resistant than natural wood, our woods are designed for intense use, while keeping the original appearance through time.


Resistant to any weather condition. It will not lose its shape when damp. The UV protection it has, is highly effective against solar rays’ discoloration.


ULTRAWOOD platforms do not splinter nor rot. This is why you will have the highest standard possible of resistance and protection for your family. You will NOT find exposed wood fibers on the surface, therefore walking barefoot will not be a worry for your family. It does not host mold, fungus, termites nor any other insect.


It does not need polishing, oils, lubricants, lacquer, paint, etcetera.


  • UltraPlay units include a design especially meant for children. During their installation we pay attention to quality details in order to give you confidence.
  • Their combination of steal with ULTRAWOOD plastic wood guarantee the BEST ESTABILILTY, FIRMNESS, and a longer lifespan in order to maximize its use.
  • No exposed staples or screws.
  • The accessories are for intense use.


  • It does not need frequent washing, it only needs sweeping and keeping the surface free of dirt, leaves, stones, trash, and any kind of rubbish.
  • It may be washed with water only. Power washer may be used in medium pressure
  • Correctly diluted, ecologic soaps can be used; however, it is recommended to use them sporadically (every 6 or 8 weeks), and rinse well at the end. It is important not to leave any soap traces.
  • If stained, it should be washed immediately.
  • It does not dry up, crack nor generate splinters. It does not host mold, woodworms, termites, therefore it is NOT NECESSARY to use any chemic products such as oils, lubricants, varnish, polishers, stain, insecticide, paint, etcetera.

Safety measures

Children’s safety is the priority. This is why before installing the paly-ground unit, the owner must be as sure as possible of having had minimized all dangers. The owner should take into account the following to avoid exposing children to risks:

  • The unit must be located in a wide enough area. There should be 2 meters between the unit and any other object (rocks, trees, tables, benches, etc.) in order to avoid knocks.
  • There must be a soft ground such as sand or shock absorber mats that can diminish possible shocks children could have; yet, there must be a rigid spot to anchor the unit.
  • The units should be selected according to the possible users’ ages.
  • The trails for circulation in the units’ surroundings are to be taken into consideration, in order to avoid flow conflicts.
  • Occasionally double check all hardware, anchor points, fixing accessories and angles. In case of having found a loose or unstable spot or any irregularity, report it immediately to your sales advisor so the pertinent repairing can be done.
  • It is rather important the supervision of an adult all the time.
  • UltraPlay offers the instructions for the unit’s installation, it also offers professional staff for installation. In case no installation expertise is required, the owner is responsible for ensuring that the installations has been done correctly.
  • The unit must be anchored.
  • The rules to play should be met (they are delivered by Ultra Play). This is why it is the owner’s responsibility, when it is needed, to place the plaque with the playground normativity and use instructions. As well as respecting the users’ age for each unit.